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A Solution to the Shortage of Basketball Courts in Tasmania

Basketball is back in a big way and is now one of the fastest growing sports in Tasmania, with enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels taking to the court to shoot hoops and become the next Milton Doyle. However, the demand for basketball courts in our sport loving State has exceeded supply, leading to frustration among local players and their families. As documented recently by ABC’s report into a lack of adequate court space across the North and South of Tasmania.

Fortunately, there is a solution: Why not build more premium outdoor basketball courts in yards and lots across Tasmania?

With the recent success of our Tassie JackJumpers ripping up Mystate Arena, even more interest has generated in local Basketball, however, the lack of available courts has made it difficult for many to participate in the game they love. This is creating an unwanted challenge for local city councils and community groups, who are struggling to keep up with demand for facilities.

Our proposed solution is to build more outdoor basketball courts, but not just any courts to let the youth have their space and fulfill their basketball desires. Outdoor home courts can be built using innovative tiles that provide exceptional ball bounce, non-slip texture, reduced noise, and come in a range of colors. These courts and the tiles are specifically designed for Tasmania weather conditions and have been tested and proven to provide superior performance and durability. They often provide a safe and reliable playing surface, which is essential for athletes of all levels. The non-slip texture of the tiles ensures that players can move around the court confidently, without fear of slipping and injuring themselves. Additionally, the exceptional ball bounce of the tiles ensures that players can make accurate shots, regardless of their skill level. 

These new and modern outdoor courts are incredibly durable, as the tiles are designed to withstand heavy use and extreme weather conditions, which means that they can be used year-round without deteriorating or requiring frequent repairs. This is particularly important in Tasmania, where we all know our weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, mixed with a sprinkling of frost.

The range of colors available for  outdoor courts means that they can be customized to suit any environment or aesthetic. This is a great advantage for local councils, schools and community groups who want to build basketball courts that blend in with their surroundings or stand out as a landmark. The colors can also be used to create a specific mood or ambiance, such as bright and playful for youth-oriented areas or more muted and sophisticated for adult-focused spaces.

We all want the Jackjumpers to last longer than the Devils did, and there is no reason why they can’t succeed long term, but we would also love to see more homegrown players donning the green, white and yellow. To achieve this, we need more courts in home, schools and community areas across our great State. Building new stadiums takes time and considerable investment, which leaves one option. More home based and local courts.

Building premium outdoor basketball courts using innovative tiles is an excellent solution to the shortage of basketball facilities in Tasmania. These new courts can provide homeowners, councils and community groups can provide safe, reliable, and stylish facilities that meet the demands of basketball enthusiasts across the mighty island, helping us grow and sustain basketball for decades to come.