Dark Grey Outdoor Modular Basketball Tiles

Dark Grey outdoor modular basketball tiles are the perfect versatile tile for home basketball courts.

  • These tiles can withstands heavy foot traffic and are made of a durable material which is easy to clean and maintain.
  • They provide elasticity, and superior grip, making them ideal for various sports and activities.
  • The tiles are made of a a quick dry and non slip material whilst also being resistant to long term weather damage
  • Got neighbours near by? Don’t stress, these tiles lower the overall bounce noise of a basketball whilst still offering a great ball bounce quality
  • Each tile simply clicks together for an amazing and modern outdoor yard that looks great.
  • We sell each tile separately. The are 305mm wide x 305mm in length, so simply measure up your space and let us know how many you need?
  • 1 sqaure metre = 11 individual tiles.

Read out honest review right here – we wouldn’t sell them if we didn’t believe in them:

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